KEK Group was established in 2000 with the aim of creating a business community based on mutual business benefits. In terms of strategy, its goal is to provide micro, small and medium enterprises with modern services and competitive prices that are significantly lower than the list prices.

We offer considerable discounts in several fields (telecommunications, insurance, vehicle purchase, fuel purchase, loan application, business and tax consultancy and travelling) which make it possible for you to reduce the operating costs of your business. Additionally, your enterprise can benefit from the membership in other ways as well. The properly controlled costs not only create a predictable operating environment but also may facilitate the developments and new investments, and support the growth of your company.

At present, Kek Group is made up of more than 4000 enterprises from all over the country. Regional representatives keep direct contact with the members, and through consultancy they help enterprises with cost optimization and requisition of services. As a result of the permanent increase in the number of our partners and offered services, the Group is continuously growing: we monitor the change in prices and we set new discounts during the price negotiations with service providers. We can provide more and more partners with increasing discounts therefore they are able to buy those products and services that ensure their success both in their business and private life.

We have achieved significant results in recent years and I would like to draw your attention to the fact that this success is due to our mutual effort. The strength of Kek Group lies in partnership, the close cooperation of enterprises with varied business profile and the potential of the voluntary partnership to promote interests. We work for the same goals from the beginning: we would like to form beneficial conceptions and provide services of high-quality.

Communication within the Group is provided in several ways. The quarterly-published Kek Körkép magazine – which is sent to our members for free – contains useful information, news and interviews conducted with professionals (the previous editions of the magazine can be found in the Materials to download menu). The new websites make it possible for us to ensure the continuous flow of information, to inform members and visitors and to provide registered members with useful services.

As the leader of KEK Group, I firmly believe that dialogues and cooperation are the most important milestones on the way to success because cooperation creates serious opportunities, while smart decisions always pay off.