Regulation of Facebook Contest

Organizer of the Contest

The Contest is organized and carried out by KéK Cégcsoport Kft (registered office: 6326 Harta, Rákóczi utca 11/a, tax number: 12579877-2-03, trade registry number: 03 09 108719).

Who can participate in the Contest?

Every natural person – who is over the age of 18, is an Internet user and has a place of abode or a place of residence in Hungary – may participate in the Contest (hereinafter referred to as: Player). If the winner has limited legal capacity, it shall be entitled to arrange administration in connection with the prize and receive the prize only with its legal representative. If the winner has no legal capacity, only its legal representative shall be entitled to act on its behalf. Organizer’s employees and contributors and close relatives of such persons set forth in Subsection 1 of Section 8:1 (1) of the Civil Code shall not participate in the Contest. By participating in the Contest, Player acknowledges that it has fully become aware of the Regulation and accepts it unconditionally. If Player does not accept this Regulation or any of its provisions, or raises an objection in connection therewith, it shall not be entitled to take part in the Contest and shall be automatically disqualified therefrom. The Contest and participation therein shall be carried out in accordance with this Regulation. With respect to questions not regulated by this Regulation, the relevant provisions of the current laws shall be applied.

Period and course of the Contest

Start of the Contest: 09.00 p.m. on 1 February 2018.
The Contest shall run continuously until withdrawn.
Drawing at 10.00 a.m. every day.
Receipt of the prizes: within 60 days following the drawing via postal service.
Number of winners: 1 person/day


Winners shall be selected randomly, shall give the correct answer to the question asked in a post on the message board and shall meet additionally determined terms and conditions.
Their prize: one product chosen freely that is worth maximum 3 USD.
The prize shall not be exchanged for cash and shall not be transferred. Organizer agrees to pay all of the taxes relating to the prize.
The prize may be received by postal service. Identity shall be proved prior thereto. Organizer stores the data only and exclusively until the taxes relating to the prize have been paid.


Provisions of disqualification

The winner shall not be entitled to receive the prize:
If winner did not reach the age of 18 when applying for the Contest;
If it fails to respond to the letter of notification within 3 business days;
If winner cannot be contacted for any reason;
It can be clearly proved that winner is intentionally trying to influence the course/result of the Contest in any way;
Winner violates any section of this Regulation;
Winner fails to provide Organizer with its personal data necessary to make the tax return on winnings tax.

The course of the Contest

Players shall complete the task of the Contest determined on the www.facebook.com/kekstoreofficial site in the form of a post on the message board.

The winner/winners is/are selected randomly with the www.facebooknyertes.com application. After selection, the completion of public sharing is manually checked by Organizer.

Winners’ notification

Winners are contacted in a Facebook message and the details of receiving the prize are agreed on therein.

If the winner cannot be contacted, it shall not be entitled to the prize. Organizer may oblige winner to prove its identity in order to identify and check the person of the winner.

If winner does not act in accordance with the content of the letter or it is not willing to provide Agent with one or more of the requested data in writing (for example tax identification number), winner may not be entitled to the prize.

Organizer’s responsibility

Organizer excludes its liability with regard to false, inaccurate or incomplete data provision by Players, the registration of persons lacking full legal capacity or with no legal capacity or the registration of minors without the consent of their legal representative, the loss of notification electronically sent to the winner through no fault of the Organizer, unsuccessful delivery of such notification for any other reason, and the damages suffered by Player or any other third party resulting from the delay of such notification.


Those Players shall be disqualified from the Contest who participate in the Contest in a way that is contradictory to its spirit with the aim of increasing their chances to win with deceptive behaviour, thereby depriving other participants playing a fair game from the chance to win.

We inform Players that Organizer reserves the right to disqualify Player from the Content without notification when such act is observed.

Miscellaneous provisions

Organizer reserves the right to modify this Regulation, to shorten or extend the period of the Contest, as well as to make other changes.

This Contest is not supported by Facebook in any form and shall not be associated therewith.

Data protection

Organizer does not store the data disclosed to it during the Contest, and does not disclose them to third parties.