For Sellers

What kind of cost should I calculate if I start using the KEK Store?

The registration is totaly free, and you can upload and sell maximum 3 products at same time with your free account. You can subscribe for VIP package, with that you can use the system in unlimited mode. Besides that you can promote your products in recommended page for extra costs, or you can promote your business via baners.

How can I subscribe for VIP package?

After ypur registration you can choose from two different packages. With the basic you can upload and sell just 3 products same time, with VIP package you can upload unlimited product and you earn many other advantage.

How can I pay the VIP fee?

You can pay it via PayPal or AliPay, or bank transfer. After we recive the money, you can use immediately the service.

What can I do if I am not satisfeid with the services?

Dont hesitate contact us, if you have any trouble with our services! We can help you in many way! You can contact us with the help of the helpdesk menu.

For Buyers

How can I buy products?

Feel free to surf the website and check as many products as possible. If you decide to buy stg. you can buy it immediately or you can add it to your cart. When you finished checking the items, just visit your cart and you can pay via PayPal or AliPay (it depends on which pay mode fit to seller).

Is the registration free as buyer?

Of course, you can complete a free of charge registration, but also without that you can surf the site. If you would like to buy something, you should registrate to the KEK Store. But you will not have any cost.

What can I do if I dont recive my item?

First you have to write to the seller to ask the reasons. You can also write to our helpdesk, but we can not take any responsibility. At this time we don’t know any stories about lost or undelivered items.